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 There are so many places to explore and things to do in Berlin…and one of the great adult activities to take part in is happy hour! To be honest, there are tons of places that have happy hour in Berlin, and especially in our area near Nollendorfplatz. So are worth heading out to early. And other places don’t offer one at all. But you can rest assured that if the drinks are expensive in any of the bars below, they will be expertly mixed and totally delicious!

Here are a few of the bars we loved to haunt in and around Nollendorfplatz. And the great news is that you can have a great dinner in Berlin and then enjoy great drinks, all within a short walk of the U-bahn station (or your home!) And be sure to check out my guide if you only have 24 Hours to Spend in Berlin.

  1. Slumberland
    Said to once be a favorite of Davie Bowie when he lived around the corner, this is a very unique bar on Winterfeldtplatz that is an institution. It’s been around for well over 20 years and it’s most interesting characteristic is the sand on the floors indoors. It’s a great place to grab a Schneider Weisse wheat beer, especially to kick off your weekend at 5pm on Friday — or after a shopping excursion at the Winterfeldtplatz farmers’ market on Saturday (they open at 11am). We like it because it’s a great location and the beer is always cold and pretty cheap. Plus it’s the only place around with Schneider, one of my favorites.
    Goltzstraße 24
    10781 Berlin
    Tel. +49 30 216 5349

    photo credit: jessica mullen via photopin cc

  2. Nachbar
    We often start our adult evenings out here at Nachbar because they have good happy hour specials and the staff is very friendly attentive. Plus they happened to remember us after the very first visit, and that’s something we really love (but unfortunately rarely experienced back in Hessen.) The drink menu is extensive and drinks are tasty although you don’t always taste the alcohol (although it’s definitely there) which can be dangerous. They usually have a DJ on the weekends and it’s a smoking bar so 18+ only. In the warmer months you can sit out front and watch the world go by while you sip on a Strawberry Natasha, Vodka Gimlet or Zombie. 😉
    Maassenstrasse 12
    10777 Berlin
    Tel.: +49 30 2363 9059

  3. Stagger Lee
    Another cocktail bar, Stagger Lee serves legendary drinks that are mixed to perfection and not like anything else you’ve ever had before. The drink menu is quite original and not overly populated, which makes it easier to figure out what to drink. The bar is made up like an old saloon and split into a smoking and non-smoking section. Most of the time the smoking section is totally packed and beware of the couches in the front of the bar because they will suck all the energy right out of you. 😉
    Nollendorfstrasse 27
    10777 Berlin.
    Website: (You can get a feel for what the bar looks like on their website and waste a few minutes clicking on things, but otherwise it’s rather useless)
  4. Green Door
    Another well know bar that makes fantastic cocktails is Green Door. It’s easier to find because it has a big green door at the front, as well as a green neon light out front. Inside you will find a rather unique bar with it’s interesting curves and some rather strange (if not disturbing artwork). We often go with a 5 or more people and try to snag the booth in the back which is highly sought after.
    Winterfeldtstraße 50
    10781 Berlin
    Tel. +49 30 2152515
  5. Green Mango
    Not only a bar but really a karaoke club, this is a really unique place. With the feel of a “Dorfdisco” (a nightclub you’d find out in the middle of nowhere which the village kids of Germany hang out at because everything else is closed or too far to drive to at night), this place absolutely rocks on the weekends. On more than one occasion, we were told that we might have trouble getting a seat there, but somehow they always squeezed us in. If you love to sing, you can belt it out to your favorite songs of yesterday and today. And if you love to people watch, you’ll be totally drawn in by this place. The drinks are reasonable and have plenty of cheap alcohol in them, but it’s really for the entertainment value that you head here. Just make sure that if you go after 11pm, you have had a lot to drink already. Otherwise, you’ll never catch up to those inside.
    Bülowstraße 56-57
    10783 Berlin
    Tel. +49 30 75637394

Have you visited any of these places? What did you think? Or do you have another favorite in the area??